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I reject the title -- Woman Artist; and other cautions

I reject the title -- Woman Artist

There is Artist, and then there is Woman Artist

command more respect and
higher prices than Women Artists.

You may title me -- Artist.
I will reconsider my position when the standards change.

I do not belong to a lineage of academic painters

I am self-trained.
Supported by scholarships for achievement in art, I received a BA in Art, with a concentration in painting (straight A's). The university art departments I attended (in the '70's) uniformly discouraged any exploration of a traditional (academic) approach.

I taught myself about classical forms in drawing and painting. I visit the great paintings to learn how they were done. The lessons found within these works provide the highest quality education an artist could desire.

A few followers of academic/classical painting might disregard my work because I never studied with any "pedigreed master" of academic painting. They claim that knowledge must be passed from master to student; no other means will produce a quality result. My response: My painting disproves this claim.

Traditional Western art, along with Nature itself, is the great source of my inspiration.
My love for traditional Western art has never ceased, and I maintain that the classical idiom is the ideal vehicle for a contemporary statement.

I don't tip my hat to any art dogma unless it serves the statement

I feel no compunction about introducing any visual motif, if the statement seems to call for it. For example, I think Mark Rothko's paintings are contemplative and spiritual, and I think I understand how and why this is so. There are good reasons to go after effects like this, at times ... and I do.

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