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Color Drawing - Head or Figure, p.1, p.2, p.3

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In this lesson I will discuss the use of value with incidental color to achieve a naturalistic appearance of flesh. These colors can be used to depict both light and dark complexions, but the light complexion method will be discussed now. It must be said that the same exercise could be done in shades of gray, but you would not get the naturalistic impression of color.

To achieve matching results, you will need to use matching supplies.

(Looking closer at the supplies)


Paper (see p.3)

(The gray scale is to help you see just how dark the recommended paper is)

The supplies shown above are:

Unison Color Pastel
RE 15
RE 6
Permanent Red #1
Brown Poster Chalk
Dark Sepia drawing stick in holder
Ingres Antique Charcoal/Pastel Paper
any middle value and neutral colored pastel paper.

OK, what next?


Unison Pastel. These are a new product of very high quality, made in England. You will not be able to match the above colors with other brands. Unisons are not made by adding white or black to control value, as other brands do. Colors are much more rich. I am not getting kickbacks for this pitch. It's just an excellent pastel!

Try calling your better local art supply stores. If you are in the USA and that fails, contact:
Unison USA
6953 Shanty Road
Greenleaf, Wisconsin 54126
Fax: 414/532-6185
Grumbacher, Alpha and KOH-I-NOOR are common art supplies. Most art supply stores will stock these items.

Ingres Antique Charcoal/Pastel Paper is harder to find. If you can't find it locally (in the USA and Canada), try calling
Daniel Smith
The Catalog of Artists' Materials
Substitute papers can work, if you follow the guidelines on page 3 for the paper.

Color Drawing - Head or Figure, p.1, p.2, p.3

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