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Katherin Forsyth

Katherin Lorainne Forsyth has been a porcelain painter for eighteen years. A resident of Washington state, she has been affiliated with the Pacific Artists of the Greater Northwest and the Northwest China Painters Association. She enjoys attending conferences and seminars on the art of china painting and has participated in the World China Painters conference.

Katherin has a free, unpretentious and expressive style. All of her porcelain art objects are absolutely unique. She attributes her learning to a great water color artist who she studied under for two years and to the fact that she truly loves the art. As a little girl she had a profound fascination and appreciation for beautiful porcelain painting but was never allowed to touch it.

The appreciation grew with increasing permission to handle the art and later by reading a book by Jean Sadler, porcelain artist and author, who she later took porcelain painting classes from. Katherin says, "Good porcelain teachers are hard to come by - you can't just find them in the yellow pages." Katherin is currently teaching porcelain painting in her own studio at home.


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