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Along the Bank of San Francisquito Creek
Pen and ink, brown wash (bistre), black wash, white heightening on warm tan laid paper.
This composition will likely be developed into an oil painting.

Color Drawing from Posing Model
Sepia, sanguine, terra cotta and black drawing sticks, brown wash (bistre), black, burnt seinna and caput mortuum watercolor, white ink on bright white laid paper.
I've got tons of little experiments like these lying around. I made this one today (10 / 6 / 96 ). Here, I am testing some brand new paper.

Oh, I like this paper, and the paper above very much! They are both Bugra (Archive & Bright White) by Hahnemuhle: mouldmade, pronounced laid texture, 130 gsm. I tested as many laid papers as I could find, and in my opinion, these came closest to emulating historic drawing papers of the Rennaisance through the 18th century. They aren't a perfect match, but they work.

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