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How Do You Do Shading?

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Cast shadows have a different
edge quality than halftones

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While you're waiting for this plaster cast to load, let me tell you what you'll be looking for. Try to identify the edge of a cast shadow, and the edge of shade, when form turns from light. Notice the various edge qualities along the boundary between shade and light -- sometimes soft, sometimes crisp. The variations in softness relate closely to the halftone band. OK. Now scroll down and look at the little diagram that indicates the two different kinds of shade transition...

Green = Cast shadow edge
Red Line = Form turns from light source
Soft Red Zone = General area of the halftone

Do you see how the cast shadow edges are crisp? Under certain common conditions, cast shadow edges become soft, but for a different cause than when form turns from the light source. Next, we will examine penumbras.

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