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Bonnie Fry

Hacker Station
© 1997
(H: 11.5", W: 11", D: 11" handbuilt clay)
I use clay to produce symbols that express my feelings about the world around me. I like to say something about life with a combination of humor, love, and sensitivity. I hold a feeling when I do a piece, that will be strong enough to reach others (at the heart and soul level) that will give them the feeling of piece.

Computers are a big part of life today. I visited my sons workplace and sketched his and other computer workstations. I used that material for this piece. There is a whole vocabulary for computer use. Words like cyberspace make the whole thing sound like science fiction. That is why I did this piece the way I did it.

As I move through my life, I attempt to answer these questions, "How do we fit in the world?" and "How and why have we made ourselves so separate from our higher selves?" Life is fascinating. I am forever wondering at the meaning of our experience. My art is made up of images that capture my imagination. They are real to me, and I try to make them more intimate for others.