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Helen Feyler-Switz

© 1980
(H: 21", W: 24", D: 19"

The "PYRAMID E" is part of a series of pyramids and most of them are in concrete. This piece was created in 1980.

A negative mold was made in wood and the concrete was poured into the mold. Rebars are used as support. The Pyramid is both organic and geometric; therefore, it is tender and strong.

The piece is shown in a brochure. It was selected for a City of Los Angeles project being considered for Venice by the Los Angeles landscape architect. He intends to have the piece made 30 to 40 feet high. The project is called VENICE BLVD. BETTERMENT.

The pieces have been in numerous shows and won awards. One of them, PYRAMID E. A., is currently in the Henry Miller Library Show at Big Sur.

In addition to concrete, I have been working in timber and bronze.

In 1996 I received the LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT Award from the Woman's Caucus for Arts, San Francisco. It was given at a Regional Conference at Mills College in Oakland.