N a v i g a t i n g !
  links to some of my favorite cool sites

I hope you can find interesting places to visit at the list below. 
After many sleepless nights and hours of busy line I think I have a "consistent  and always growing" bookmarks file.
I have selected some addresses to share here. 
Web is dynamic, intense, and sometimes pages may move or even disappear. 
At the moment I put this page on line all links were working o.k. 
Please, let me know if you didn't get to reach a determined site through these links. And if you know about some cool place to visit, tell me. 
I'll enjoy to know it and I'll share it with you all. (of course with more sleepless nights... but what can I do, it's stronger than I...)  

Art / Images  
A little of science   
Esoteric, mystic, strange places (or not so...)   
Very cool places   
Let's spend some money   
HTML, Java, VRML, Netscape plug-ins, etc   

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