Mission Statement

The Dance-Technology Zone is currently in an archived state. There are plans to create a new site that will be located at dancetechnology.org to combine material from the DTZ with the archives of the dance-tech list as well as new material. For more information, or to offer suggestions, contact me at scott@dancetechnology.com.

- Scott Sutherland

Though the number of creators using technology to enhance or extend their live performances is growing, those actively pursuing these avenues of investigation are sometimes separated by great distances. Our hope is to use the internet to bridge these gaps by creating a resource site with three main objectives. First, to promote research and present thoughtful inquiry into the ways in which the these new tools will effect both process and content. Second, to create an umbrella data service which will provide links to artists and events on (and off) the net. Third, to create a shared resource of practical information and know-how for artists, practitioners and educators who by necessity or choice, are fashioning these new technologies themselves.

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