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I think of art as being ones' interpretation of ones' self and all that surrounds us. Lately I am coming to realize that not only are there human artists, but nature herself has concousness and is an artist as well, creating art in order to communicate with others.

I have seen her paint shadows of trees on canvases made of surfaces such as walls. I love the paintings of trees that she makes with moonlight. And I see portraits of myself made with shadows while I stand in the sun.

Here I would like to share some of the wonders I have witnessed so far... and I hope that other people will share what they have seen as well.

a tree...

There are many more art peices that I have seen which are recorded in my memory. Hopefully I will be able to paint what I have witnessed... like clouds outlining a hugh pig sailing in the night's sky, and the clouds of angels floating in the morning sunrise... all were incredible.

I truly feel that the 9/11 bombing of the WTC was really the universe dailing 911... for after all it was a desparate cry for help. I have been really concerned about the want to respond to it with war... and wonder why can't we declare peace instead of war? I am hoping that we can heed the wakeup call and begin to heal.

For after all, I agree with Rev. King in that we can only truly be free when we are all free from oppression and have freedom of choice in all that we do. By having choice, we have the chance to live through love instead of fear.

Freedom of thought is a gift truly for all beings and I just hope that we choose love to overcome our fears. Fear, I feel is what creates the black holes in our universe which are eating our stars... stars are the light bearers and gardians of our hearts. I also feel that stars are the gardians of life, helping our spirits to travel where no man has gone before... visiting all the beautiful gardens of our universe though our hearts as we connect with the universe.

I pray that we may all be free... living in love, peace and harmony.

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