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(Images taken: Sep 30 3:50pm PDT 2002)

This image was projected on my kitchen ceiling at the time of the date stamp above... one afternoon. The source came from the light that was bouncing off the kitchen floor... And the light source that produced it was the sun streaming through the kitchen window. The tree image was not produced by myself but instead the sun... and hence I call it natures' art. These images have not been altered... and except for sizing, are in their origional form.

First off, I just have to say that these photos really do not even come close to doing this art justice. It was miraculous and the most beautiful art I have ever seen... shimmering light taking form... being projected from what seemed to be the sunlight entering the kitchen window... bouncing off the floor and onto the ceiling.

Each piece of bark shimmered in a wonderful sparkly glow... the individual pieces making up the whole trunk. I recall smiling and feeling great happiness while feeling great wonder and awe. It was truly inspiring and beautiful. As many know, I do love sparkles... :) and prehaps some day I will be able to paint what I saw with my heart.

While viewing this living art piece, I felt that the goddess was trying to help give me hope that good things are to come and that I should not give up my home, the place where I have tried to make into a safe place for love, peace and sancuary for all those in need... as well as being the home of and a public open wireless access point to the Internet.

Things have been really hard for hacker types here in the valley and I have been trying to make ends meet... making rent by selling my art, working as a geekmaid and tending all the while working with others to help rescue and find small furry ones homes via a virtual rescue called RatRights.Org. It's been work of the heart and is just starting to reap fruits of love via living gifts and donations.

I also feel that the goddess was trying to say that if we all share, there is hope in making it through these times... to the lands of love and peace which truly exist in this moment if we let them. We just need to hang in there and have faith in love, hope and peace... and change how we are doing things now. I have lots of ideas on this as you can image. :)))

I would like to thank all those artists who have helped guide me in learning how to share this art. It is pretty miraculous and I have relied on the guidance of friends and loved ones on the best way to do so... Thanks again for all your help.

love and hugs,


hacker artist

(just yur fishy ratmom here... :)

A few additional thoughts...

I think of art as being ones' interpretation of nature. Lately I am coming to realize that not only are humans artists, but mother nature herself is an artist which I imagine most people already know. :) I have always wondered if nature (our mother universe) had concousness and now I believe with all my heart that she does.

There are many more art pieces that I have seen which are recorded in my memory. Hopefully I will be able to paint what I have witnessed... like a clouds' outline of an adorable huge smiling pig floating in the night's sky while I was floating in a tub early one morning, and the clouds of angels floating in the morning sunrise... all were incredible, and I feel messages from the universe that we need to change how we treat one another if we are going to survive. I believe that this includes how we treat the trees as well.

love and hugs,


hacker artist

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