“If I press the carc it will take 4 days to reach Gamedon.”
         “Which you, as the best rider in races and in the fields, can do. I understand.” Sem Partoldi smiled her pleased and knowing smile. “If it is not from the person you suspect, where will you go?”
         “I don’t know.”
         “Come to Revelar. My business should be completed quickly and we could return. Returning home with the carc would please me far better than some haphazard arrangements I have accepted in the past.”
         “We could remain for a time in Revelar, too, if you wish. I know it well. It has a pretty face and some amusements. Some history. You might find it interesting.”
         “I don’t know where I will go.”
         “I will wait. If you are not coming to Revelar, contact me.”
         I nodded and stood. “I must leave now.”
         “Perfect,” Sem Partoldi purred and grabbed the table and heaved herself up with some obscure rule of leverage I had yet to prod her about. “With your box I do not even need to bring the pawn-dha.” Without a pause Sem Partoldi bellowed benevolently, “Bartholomea!”