The innkeeper scuttled from the kitchen with her worn clogs clattering. She glanced at the door as it opened admitting Phila and Flick. Sem Partoldi said, “Rider Ince and I are going with the carc. I will be gone a week or 2. Ince may or may not return with me.”
         “I must go to Gamedon, Bartholomea," I said. "That is days beyond your line fields moving as swiftly as the carc is able. I will send you something from there for your excellent breakfast. Would that please you?”
         "Hon--Friend Ince! My friend, there is no need for payment.” Bartholomea's eyes filled with tears.
         “There is always need, but in this case it is not payment, Bartholomea. Gift for gift.”
         Bartholomea blushed with pleasure and lost the ability to speak for several moments. “Oh, yes, Rider Ince, glory of our village, that would be a wonder! Something from a strange and marvelous denser!”
         “I will do it. It may have to be carried out from Community. I will send it to Complex Chief Dob and she will see it gets to you. Look for it.”
         “Oh, I will, I will!”