Sem Partoldi liked this. “We cannot resist putting ourselves at risk with 1 another, can we? A little gamble here, a little 1 there. I will tell you the story of my 1st journey, the secret wonder and mystery of it which I have told no 1, not even my mother, may Heourkavna embrace her always, nor my wunpaqs, even if they would attend.”
         “But will it be the true story or whatever seems feasible in the moment? I should make you tell it me now, to see if I believe it or at the least like it.” I finished my tea.
        There was another sharp flash in Sem Partoldi’s eyes, and deep in their emerald depths that something more. What was it? A knowledge? A challenge? A sting?
        I could not define it. “I must go to Gamedon to receive the message which may pertain to me. If it truly is a message to me from the person I suspect there is no way I can ignore it. It may be a mistake. It seems unlikely such a message could have found me here but it has been relayed, patched and boosted so many times it has deteriorated. It may be from her.”
         “Which you cannot ignore,” Sem Partoldi nodded. “I understand this."