My eyes narrowed assessing the situation as I rode the carc into the approach. Gamedon Central was an immense purplish-blue structure with heavy angular, jutting wings not apparent in visible light. It thrummed softly from the dispersed generators and cells. I eased the carc in closer maneuvering it through caravans ranked according to size. 
         I slipped into an access channel for small slots and awaited an empty among rows of carcs, flyers and personal craft. 
        It was night, it was stormy, and Central was a great fat cylinder rising 400 meters and glowing with perimeter auroral guards. Beacons and spots of red, white, or blue were directed from the flat circular roof organizing along with the com system the 100s of small craft wishing to enter and to leave Gamedon Central which, though it had a strong security unit and a respectable entertainment sector, was primarily a communications node. 
         After circling for an additional hour my com blossomed into a solid firm-faced senior Gamedon official who directed me efficiently to a private slot scarcely larger than the carc by a meter in every direction. I was immediately scanned by a small lateral beam situated in the upper interior wall activated and manipulated absolutely by the central parking division of security.