Freed by the beam and stepping down I inserted credits into the door which opened, then shut emphatically behind me, and I found I had entered not a corridor as I had expected but an open level which spanned the entire diameter of Centralís cylindrical construction. A lift shaft pierced the core, floor and ceiling, and transparent steps flashing with colors coded to pressure sensitivity moved silently up and down, 10 pathways in all, continuously moving.
        Low irregular modules of clustered couches, benches and stools for the banks of screens marked the white floor's immensity. Additional screens displayed continuous information loops on black and ornate support pillars spaced evenly around the circumference.
        Feeling somewhat shocked after my prolonged stay in Eoe with its small domed dwellings in a small and quiet village I paused. The 100s of beings from many cultures on this level, level 26, pushed at me with their speech, elaborate costumes, movement and variety of physical form. Unlike other major com stations I had entered I saw here no liberal sprinkling of boxes, cafes, areas for personal care and refreshment, no musical performers or theatrical entertainment, visuals pillars, or shops to purchase both essentials and souvenirs. Level 26 existed for business and the screens were all in use.