Here we are inside the Partitions Room. This room makes me nervous. I'm sure the doors snap like jaws. That's the feeling I get. We've just managed to slip through one of the squashed doorways and this is what we,ve discovered. I don't know the limits, or if what I see is an illusion.
It appears to be a house in a large open area and a sky as high as high. But how can that be if I'm in the Arcade which is cut into stone? I could zoom up into this sky and break my neck against a stone wall. Not that I don't trust Shirley. I do. I'm on her shoulder right now which is how I got these fine shots from above. (Wait till you see Shirley. One of a kind, old Shirley is.)

Partitions house front

It looks to me as though this house exists in several incarnations or modes; or times, maybe. I've caught glimpses near the room entrance of this house all squashed, tipped, with the same rooms in different arrangements. I think this house exists in all the partitions of a Partitioned World.
The significance of this I've yet to find out but it raises the hair on the back of my neck. I pay attention to that.
The green against the house front isn't acceptable. If it's supposed to be some kind of growth, it's laughable. Or maybe it's just really old. I'm going to fix that but first I have to figure out what it is. Maybe it isn't alive, but I think it is.
This image is a view of the house from the front. This is the right side.