Isn't this something? I captured this picture when I'd reached the far back corner of the Skins Room. It's more than that. I poked, probed, nudged, and kicked the walls and partitions once I saw that they had a lot to reveal.
This place is full of masks. Yeah, skins for audio, browsers, and software apps, but also slots for interfaces for browsers and any old business you might need to conduct. I set some wires together and lit up a corner that once held visualizations for audio, wallpaper images and screensavers. They all hang out here. If you drop down below this image you'll get to see working models of what the room looks like and then go to a meshes and more 3D images.


skin room back left

skin room frontThis is a color-coded model worked out of a shot of the Skins Room I took while hanging from a catwalk. That's why it's a little tipped. There's no front wall.
The yellow blocks are what serves for a ceiling. It may be this is only what's left, or it may be some cool design. I still haven't found out where these pieces attach to anything, I mean anything at all. Maybe magnets are holding them where they are. I hope something is. I'll find out. You'll see.
The orange, green, and sheared lavender are three of the partitions which display the skins, interfaces, etc, and hold the dispensers. None of them work, but they will.
right sideIn this shot you can see I've moved around a corner on the catwalk. The front of the room is toward the left here. You can see how the ceiling pieces curve and get a different view of the partitions.
Way off there in the corner between the dark pink and the blue back wall is where I was standing when I took that first shot above.
See how rough the walls, partitions, and ceiling blocks are? This adds a lot to the richness of the room's textures (colors and patterns) when light and shadows fall on them. These objects are Bezier curves converted to polygons converted to mesh objects after being beveled and joined together. Want a closer look? Yes! Want!
This third modelabove back left views the room from beyond the upper left at the back. Inside the joining of the blue and pink walls is where I took that first image. You can see all four partitions.

A room mesh will direct you to more images.