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Inside My Head


" The Man Inside"

(Framed as shown to the left)

A four piece work of a young woman captured on video. She is so caught up with her new love that he is all she can think about. Her thoughts of him are so intense that, looking at her, you can see right inside her head. Different emotions evoke different colours. We can see the changes through each pane in the window. Although she is silent, her man is constantly a song in her head. Oh, the joys of young love!


" Thoughts of Embrace "

(Framed as shown to the left)

In this six piece work, the young man is having his own thoughts of his new love. He is thinking of his lady and himself in a place special to them. In their private spot they can freely express their love for each other.

The day grows long
The sun sets
The two embrace
In silhouette.

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