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Welcome to Philip Rubinoff Artworks.

My art is presented in four forms, all of which originate from moving pictures. The three static, or stationary, forms my art takes are:


Please keep in mind that all my images are frozen from moving video, having been created while on-screen. Each frozen image is then electronically transferred to whatever final form it is best suited to.

1. IMAGE-TO-CANVAS An image-to-canvas is limited in number to one. It is a ONE-OF-A-KIND. The negative is then marked to ensure no duplications will be produced.

2. IMAGE-TO-TRANSPARENCY An image to transparency is also limited to one. After it has been enlarged to its chosen size, it is mounted on Plexiglass and laminated. A lightbox is then custom built to fit the lens. When illuminated, the image appears like a still picture on a television screen. Its effect can be quite dramatic.

3. IMAGE-TO-PAPER The image to paper is, in essence, a VIDEOGRAPH . It is drymounted on acid-free board or masonite and laminated. It is signed and numbered.

Although the limitation on the number of duplications may go as high as fifty, I prefer to keep my art images to one-out-of-one.

My interest in producing artistic works is to consistently bring out new and different images for art enthusiasts to enjoy and collect. I have no desire to keep repeating and reproducing images that I've already created.

The fourth form of my art is really where the works all start from. This is moving VIDEO ART. Created on videotape, it is viewed as Art-In-Motion. The images may change shape and colour from one moment to the next.

In viewing art in this form, I am able to introduce sound to the viewer's senses, be it music, sound effects, or a combination. This has a direct effect on the viewer's perception of what they are seeing. The same picture seen a second time, but with a drastically altered soundtrack, will almost always be perceived differently.

I try in all my videos to have original scores composed for each piece. As you watch, the soundtrack often tends to follow the action of the picture.

Custom work can be done on request. Simply send me your videotape with a description of the kinds of images you would like to see created. I will return the tape when I am finished along with a number of proofs. Contact me by phone, fax, or e-mail and let me know your preferences. Details can be worked out at that time.


This is tomorrow's art form, TODAY! I hope you enjoy it.


My hope is that the artwork and information in this web page will help you understand some of what can be, and has been created, with video in art. Although the images you will see are mostly static, in video they are always moving, always changing, always going forward. These are what I consider to be some of the best images of my videoart pieces. I will let you be the judge


As the viewer you, of course, have the final say in how you will view each page.


..Digital Video Artist..

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