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Israel - First Impressions




 In March of '93 my family and I visited Israel in honor of my father's 80th birthday. A lot was seen
and done in the time we were there: From planting trees on a hillside to celebrating my niece, Robyn's Bat Mitzvah outside King Solomon's Temple; from the bazaar in Jerusalem to the Dead Sea and up the mountain to Masada: from a world class art museum to an archaeological dig (uncovering numerous layers of civilization built on top of one another).

From the videotapes of my trip, here are my first artistic impressions of an unforgettable experience. I hope you derive as much pleasure out of them as I had in creating them.


" 80 in Honor "

Trees planted to celebrate the years of the man.

" The Bazaar - Together With You "






In Jerusalem, the bazaar goes on forever. Turn right, you're in one culture; turn left, you're in another. Don't go in alone. There are no road maps!!

" The Bazaar - All Alone "

" Arch to the Sky "

Bathing at Masada

" Candles for the Wall "

Menorah in Bronze at the Wailing wall.

" Dead Sea Highway "

2000 feet below sea level!

" Heart of Jerusalem "

"While creating this picture, the footage I was using was of the buildings and the cobblestone lane way leading to King David's Tomb and the site of Jesus' Last Supper. I was blending in a second video of who-knows-what, when the heart appeared. Immediately, I knew that I had it. The end result revealed itself."

" Valley of Jezreel "

Through a speeding window.

" Masada - Colouring in the View "







See and feel the history at the top.

" Masada - Another View "

" Masada - Stone Lookout"

Watching and Waiting for the Romans to arrive.

" Robyn in Contemplation "

Lost in thought.

" Solomon's Temple "

Returned and reclaimed once again.

" Steps to the Wall "

Wonderful place for a celebration.

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