..Digital Video Artist..

" A Digital Variety "

" Blue Moo "

That's Mougie-Terrific - A Great Cat. Tends to camouflage with her surroundings - somewhat of a chameleon.

 " Phantom "

The man with the mask.

 " Visage With No Name "

There for a moment, then, gone forever.

 " Flower Child Revisited "

The secret's in her Eye.

 " By The Neck "

The lead becomes the melody.

 " Self Portrait of the Artist "

The ONLY one!!

" When The Sun Appears "

When the sun appears Dawn breaks,
God wakes and the soul embraces the day,
Tries hard to make sense of the chaos heaped upon the beauty,
Of itself to reconcile the madness,
With it's own perfection,
Where nothing is where it once was.
While underneath the black smoke and cloud,
The beauty is unchanged,
Is this contradiction or merely Paradox?

" Sunset Sailing Upside Down "

Off the California coast. You become part of the picture.

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