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Most people have never heard the term "VIDEOGRAPH". The videograph ( in an artistic application ) is an image created from actual video footage. When I reach the picture on the tape that I want to start creating from. I freeze the image on the monitor. I then begin to colour, digitize and / or alter the picture in a multitude of ways with my video palette until it becomes the creative composition that I am striving for.

Upon reaching this point, I electronically transfer the image from the monitor to a 35mm slide; then to a finished piece of art. The art may vary in size from as small as 5" x 7" to as large as 30" x 40". It may be on canvas, masonite board, transparency ( on plexiglass ), or paper.

This form of art came to me in the late ' 80's when, as a video producer, I discovered the incredible applications of special effects on video. I saw the great possiblilities as an art form from that point on, video production, for me, took on a whole new dimension. My images are so much more than either video or photographs. They are a unique art form with limitless potential for creativity.

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