1115 32nd Street
Oakland, CA 94608
510 420-0436

Information about Julia Kay

I'm mostly a "flat" artist as my sculptor friends say, though I do a little sculpture too. I draw & paint (mainly acrylic & oil, but also some watercolor), make prints & photographs & do whatever it is one is doing when using a pressure-sensitive stylus attached to a computer. People have been one of my main subjects, including portraits and figure studies. Recently I've been working with the rest of the animal kingdom, mostly dogs and dog-creatures. I like working big and have recently completed a privately commissioned, publicly-viewable mural.

I've been in some shows, had some sales and commissions, and am represented by a gallery, but I still need a day job to support my art habit. I work as a computer programmer, most recently I've been programming in Java. I like a simple website but here are some little java bells and whistles if you'd like to check them out.

If you like my images and would like to do anything besides look at them (publish them, purchase high quality signed prints, original paintings, etc...), or if you have any old thoughts at all you'd like to share, please contact me, I'd love to hear from you!

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