Curriculum Vitae/ Resume


Oakland, California, USA


1995 ANOVA, Regression & Categorical Data Analysis Seminar, SAS Institute Certificate
1986 SAS Macro Seminar, SAS Institute Certificate
1979-1983 Wesleyan University, CT, USA BA


Programmer / Systems Administrator
Kagi; Berkeley, CA

Listmaster, Webmaster, hardware troubleshooter & middleware programmer for multiple Macintosh internet servers.

Programming and solutions design using Applescript, HyperTalk, Keyquencer, NetForms, NetCloak, Livecard, Butler, Tango, and other software as needed to automate a variety of business procedures.

Financial analysis designed & implemented using Excel.

Programming in Java and using WebObjects under Windows NT.

1993-1998 Associate Specialist, Specialist (as of 1995)
UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS):
Study of Health and Risk Practices (SHARP)
International Collaborative Studies Program
; San Francisco, CA

Performed data analysis programming with complex data transformations in SAS, SPSS, and EPI-INFO.

Analyzed and purchased multiple IBM computer systems & provided computer training.

Was the principle data analyst and programmer of SHARP --a five year multiple cross-sectional and longitudinal cohort study of the prevalence and predictors of HIV infection among alcoholics entering treatment.

Was on the faculty of the CAPS International Collaborative Studies Program.

Provided training and support for all aspects of computer use in international research.

Provided data analysis and graphics programming for a number of papers published by program alumni, including those from Brazil, China, Russia, and Indonesia.

Provided onsite SPSS training in Indonesia.

1992 Consulting Programmer / Instructor
UCSF CAPS-Fogarty International Scholar Program; San Francisco, CA

Assistant Instructor for Computer Skills class and Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Statistics class for Visiting Scholars.

Conducted individual lessons in beginning and advanced features of DOS, WordPerfect and Epi Info.

Provided on-going hardware and software support and troubleshooting.

Researched, selected, purchased, configured and tested IBM notebook computers for the Scholars’ use.


Consulting Programmer
UCSF CAPS / SHARP; San Francisco, CA

Advised on survey design from data-analysis perspective.

Wrote code for data-cleaning and logic-checking using Epi Info.

Wrote modular programs using SAS to analyze data and produce reports.

1990-1991 Consulting Programmer Analyst
Department of Medical Economics and Statistics, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA

Data management and analysis using SAS in TSO/SPF environment.

Developed discrete-event queuing models using EXTEND on the Macintosh.

Designed and implemented HyperCard user-interface for Stella simulation model.

1991 Programmer
UCSF Prevention Sciences Group, San Francisco, CA

Graphics production and data analysis using SAS/Graph PC.

1988-1990 Computer Systems Manager
Carnegie Institution of Washington, Baltimore, MD

Installed and maintained Appleshare network of approximately 30 Macintosh, IBM PC and IBM PC compatible computers.

Was responsible for all hardware and software evaluation, purchasing, installation, troubleshooting, and training.

Prepared and taught seminars on such topics as network usage, image processing, telecommunications, and the VAX VMS operating system.

Programmed in Pascal, developed stacks in HyperCard, SuperCard and Plus.

1985-1987 Associate Research Analyst
Department of Corporate Research , Blue Cross of California, Oakland, CA

Programming in C, PL/I, SAS with SAS Macro, SPSS, Informix, FOCUS. System maintenance for multi-user Altos Xenix system.

Technical and programming support for Research staff.

Compilation and analysis of statistical data.

1985 Teaching Associate
UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

As systems specialist for FORTRAN class, wrote and tested FORTRAN programs.

Supervised students in the computer lab, designed assignments and exams.

1984-1985 Programmer / Analyst
Johns Hopkins Center for Hospital Finance and Management, Baltimore, MD

Project management and software development in Pascal, PL/I, BASIC, SAS.

Personal computer to mainframe communications.


1992-present Member, Bay Area SAS Users Group
1990-present Member, Berkeley Macintosh Users Group


1. Study of Health And Risk Practices (SHARP):

I participated in research concerning HIV risk factors, high risk behaviors, and infection rates among patients entering treatment in San Francisco. I was involved in data base management, reconciliation of data inconsistencies, and data analysis for this project.

2. International Scholars Program
(Center for AIDS Prevention Studies - CAPS):

I was involved on an on-going basis in seminars and research projects of Program participants. I provided hardware and software support and Instruction, and computer-based data analysis and graphics.

3. Target Cities
(Institute for Health Policy Studies- IHPS)

I consulted on data collection and setup of databases, and performed cross-platform data translations, data reconciliation and data analysis.


Institution Year (Qtr) Course Title Nature
Univ. of SF Sum 97 Computer Skills Instructor
Univ. of SF Sum 97 Introduction to Statistics Co- Instructor
Univ. of SF Sum 96 Computer Skills Instructor
Univ. of SF Sum 96 Data Analysis & Presentation Co- Instructor
Univ. of SF Sum 95 Computer Skills Instructor
Univ. of SF Sum 95 Introduction to Statistics Co- Instructor
Univ. of SF Sum 94 Computer Skills Instructor
Univ. of SF Sum 94 Data Analysis & Presentation Co- Instructor
Univ. of SF Sum 93 Computer Skills Assistant Instructor
Univ. of SF Sum 93 Introduction to Statistics Teaching Assistant
Univ. of SF Fall 93 Computer Skills Instructor
Univ. of SF Sum 92 Computer Skills Assistant Instructor
Univ. of SF Sum 92 Introduction to Statistics Teaching Assistant
UC Berkeley Sum 85 Introduction to FORTRAN Teaching Associate