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Rei's Inadvertent Explorations of Mood and Mind

The more I added images here, the more I found they fit (unintentionally!) into the spiritual spectrum, from darkness to Light. My stuff is heavily influenced by Japanese Anime and Manga. Meaning, it's not a very traditional style.

Rei's Random Stuff

This is my collection of very silly, random images and experiments. I've updated this in 2002 with some of my newer stuff.

and we are honored to present:

Sei's Gallery:
Images of Post-War Japan

This is a special gallery of some of Dr. S. Izawa's art work, which I am hosting here permanently. (Yes, he was a better artist than I have ever been.) Authentic images of rural Japan of post-WWII. A view of a Japan from over half a century ago.

Do NOT use these without permission.
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