Video Dance in San Francisco

Isabel Valverde (
Tue, 2 Nov 1999 20:17:17 -0700

Friday, Nov. 5, 1999 8:30 pm $5
ATA (Artists' Television Access) presents:
Continuing to present this still controversial form in a regular basis, the
evening will feature past and recent performance documentary work of
Berkeley based butoh choreographer and video editor, Shinichi Koga, and the
collective Ink Boat. Screens include: "Dying, Laughing"97; "Four Stages of
Cruelty"97, "Test Labor"98, "DA.PPI"98, "Onion"99, "Falling Dust (in a gray
room)" which toured Europe in August and September, and "Void and Null", a
series of improvised duets with artists from the Bay Area, Japan, and
Russia. There will be a short live performance and discussion with the
artist. Curated by Isabel Valverde. Info:, and

Surreal and often comical, Ink Boat material is typically not found in the
sunlight but rather hiding under some rock or rotting log. If we were a
building, it would be an old one with many of the carefully worked details
eroded to the point where new images emerge from the pock marks and cracks.
Ink Boat references Butoh Dance and Tadashi Suzuki's Theatre. The music
ranges from string quartet to polka to rock to industrial noise. Themes
gravitate around cycles of life and death, dreaming and waking.
Performances can be theatrical events with complex lighting and sound
requirements or improvised site specific works.

Shinichi Koga and Ink Boat
Artistic Director and Booking Contact: Shinichi Koga
800 Heinz Ave. #5
Berkeley, CA 94710

Artists' Television Access
992 Valencia Street (@ 21th)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 824 3890