European Premiere - The Secret Project

Richard Povall (
Tue, 2 Nov 1999 22:29:13 +0000

Hi all

Just to let you know that the European Premiere of half/angel's The Secret
Project takes place at the Firkin Crane Dance Development Centre this
Thursday and Friday (Nov 4 & 5).

THE SECRET PROJECT is a Dance-Theatre production by half/angel using new
interactive technologies and co-produced by Firkin Crane Cork and The Banff
Centre for the Arts Canada. These technologies include motion-sensing
systems which connect movement with sound, text and video. THE SECRET
PROJECT is about the idea of the secret, personal, cultural, political and
Irish. Performers use their voices in singing and text work, as well as
their bodies in choreography / performance. The production will use
original writing by Jools Gilson-Ellis, sonic and interactive environments
by Richard Povall, and video by the company.

Mary Nunan, director of Daghdha Dance Company in Limerick, Cindy Cummings,
Dublin-based choreographer, and Jools Gilson-Ellis, co-director of
half/angel will perform THE SECRET PROJECT. These three women, all
choreographers in their own right, have come together for this project to
engage with a contemporary take on secrecy and the possibilities of new
technologies for their own practice and for Dance in Ireland.

half/angel is a performance production company based in Cork co-directed by
Jools Gilson-Ellis and Richard Povall. Gilson-Ellis is a choreographer and
writer, Povall is a composer and digital artist. They have been working
together as half/angel since 1995 and researching motion-sensing
technologies since 1996. half/angel's performance work is characterised by
the use of original text, sound and image in relation to new technologies.
The company's first production was the critically acclaimed CD-ROM

THE SECRET PROJECT is being developed in Ireland and Canada. Developmental
residencies at Firkin Crane began at Easter, and continued in July. In late
August the company moved to The Banff Centre in Canada for the final
production phase of the work. THE SECRET PROJECT premiered in Banff in

half/angel recognises the generous support from our funders, who include
The Arts Council (of Ireland), The New Audiences Programme of the Arts
Council of England, RESCEN at Middlesex University, and the AT&T Foundation.

The Firkin Crane Box Office number is +353 21 507487.

See you there!


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