Re: Re(2): demanding, ambitious, informed and inspired ????

Merilyn Jackson (
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 17:21:50 -0400

Well, Sita, I'm sorry if I've led you astray. Oliveros' "The Well" is
strictly a music compostion. But I recall that Deborah Hay was with Pauline
at a week-long residency during a late stage in its compostion and that
Deborah was working on a dance to the compostion. You could check out her
website I believe she actually had a group in 84 called The
Well and certainly you may want to check out her books (My Body, the
Buddhist is coming out soon from Wesleyan Press) In any case she certainly
worked with the issues you bring up, and even though they were not connected
to technology, I think they apply to your struggle.

And yes, I find noodling as a research tool very interesting indeed. I only
gag on it when it's presented as a finished work. Happy noodling to you
too. Merilyn