Re: demanding, ambitious, informed and inspired ????

Merilyn Jackson (
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 14:10:05 -0400

Artists like Pauline Oliveros and Deborah Hay (and many others) were working
with these notions in arts labs like the one at Yellow Springs Institute
(now defunct) in the 70s and 80s. They allowed their musicians and dancers
and in many instances, audience, to influence the works. For one excellent
result of such a "collaboration" you could listen to Oliveros' "The Well"
which she set on the Relache Ensemble (HatHut Records). For one of the
worst committee-bred works listen to the Yellow River Concerto, composed for
Nixon's first visit to China. I hope others will have better examples for
you, but these two jump to mind.
As for dance, I have not seen anything (even in informal improv situations
that might generate something really dynamic, I'd consider that still the
"noodling" around stage), that really rings true as "art." It sounds to me
like you are in the noodling stage. But a unique one -- since I presume
you have an audio/video record of all the audience input. I'm not sure what
you are intending here, or how you see your role. But if you are the
choreographer, then BE the choreographer. You could take the material you
are getting as gifts and put them back together in a way that regifts a
wider audience.

Merilyn Jackson