demanding, ambitious, informed and inspired ????

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Wed, 20 Oct 1999 11:15:22 +0100

This is sort of a reaction to the noted from Andy and Kent. I am doing some
research on similar subject. I'll write some thoughts and questions and
will be very happy to receive some comment, critics, answers, etc etc..
Thank you in advance....

You were saying it is hard to make interaction on stage
visible/ to the audience. This I think is true but
there has to be a way. Well actually it is not really hard as long as it is
accompanied by someone that points it out explicitly. Then you make the new
technology the gimmick you were talking about. This test-mode
Look-we-can-now-use-interactivity stuff I'm not interested in.
I am interested in the kind of improvisation is necesarry to show the
So this is an old theme/given in the theatreworld, to have a script. Is
this possible in real interactivity (technology becomes a third (fourth,
tenth) party, becomes a player ??
If you involve the audience itself in interactivity on stage it is easy to
have the interactivity lift the performance in emotional or artistic ways.
But if you do this can you THEN also maintain a script ?
I'm not int the first place interested in audience participation, only
because I limited my self into the subject, but I would also like to hear
reactions on this last question.

Thnak you in advance,

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