The Launch of the New Work Network

Sophia Lycouris (
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 12:58:29 -0700


Between September 1999 and March 2000, the New Work Network is
organising four national events supported by the Arts Council of England
to built its membership and provide support for artists in the sector.

Its Official Launch on 18 September in London (Toynbee Studios,
Artsadmin) was an opportunity to advocate the sector and thoroughly
discuss the future of new work as a result of the re-structuring of the
Arts Council of England. Four guests speakers were invited including
Daniel Brine (Arts Council), Cinzia Hardy (Northern Arts), Manick
Govinda (Artsadmin) and Matt Adams (Blast Theory).

Daniel Brine introduced the new structure of the Arts Council of England
and explained the mechanism through which the work of artists working in
live art and interdisciplinary practice will be supported. There will be
a number of staff in different departments and units who will be points
of contact for such artists and a strategy is currently under discussion
to allow for proposals to be assessed across departments and units. With
the closing down of the Combined Arts department, a number of funds will
be ceased and devolved to the Regional Arts Boards.

Cinzia Hardy introduced the Year of the Artist explaining its regional
character and pointing out its emphasis on the celebration of the
artist. She also gave details about the specific implementation of this
programme in her region Northern Arts.

Manick Govinda discussed problems related to application procedures for
Trusts and Foundations and Matt Adams spoke extensively about
sponsorship in cash.

During the second half of the day Manick Govinda facilitated a workshop
with the title Writing a Good Proposal for Funders. The participants
divided in 4 groups which were led by the 4 speakers discussed the
problems of supporting new work in the current situation and brain
stormed solutions about a better future of new work. The outcomes of the
discussions in small groups were twice shared in plenaries. The day was
completed with positive feelings, enthusiasm and a variety of ideas how
the New Work Network can support artists and ways this will be

The second event takes place at the New Works Festival, Leicester on 2nd
and 3rd October in partnership with NWN.

Dealing with the issue of Artist as Administrator, this event will
offer the opportunity to the participants to attend a masterclass with
the co-founder of the seminal Lumiere & Son, David Gale (6pm, The City
Rooms on 2 October) as well as one-to one surgeries with guest speakers
offering advice and support to emerging artists (11am - 2pm, Adult
Education College, 3 October).

To reserve a place and to find who the speakers are, call New Works on
0116 247 3035.

A Documentation day is currently being planned to take place at The Work
Station in Sheffield in February 2000 and Calling all artists! has been
scheduled for March 2000. This last one targets particularly artists in
the North West to explore strategies to reinvigorate the live scene in a
period of time where all attention has been drawn to digital media.

To celebrate the diversity of new work, the New Work Network welcomes
artists from a variety of geographical regions and cultural backgrounds
to subscribe and become active members of the New Work Network and/or
its Steering Committee. The Steering Committee members are
self-selected and the only restriction is that members who join it, will
have to be committed for at least one year.

Meetings take place every six to eight weeks depending on the demands
of the work in a variety of locations in England.

The New Work Network is based at Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street,
London E1 6LS, telephone 0171-375 0885 kindly offered by Blast Theory,
where Helen Kirlew and Matt Adams will be able to answer any questions
you might have. Another way to keep in contact with the new Work
Network is to become a member of its email list by visiting This opportunity
will not only give you access to up to date information but also the
potential to become more involved, make your ideas public, discuss them
with other people who have similar problems and start acting and
reacting to the negative things that are surrounding us as well as using
more efficiently the good ones!

sophia lycouris, artistic director 
kunstwerk-blend, 29 Powerscroft Road, London E5 0PU, United Kingdom  
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