Re: demanding, ambitious, informed and inspired

Sita Popat (
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 07:14:57 +0100

Is this similar to the set up which was mentioned at the Virtual Physical
Bodies Symposium - and didn't someone say there was one in Soho?

Sita writes:
>In tokyo I watched kids in a gamehall on a machine called "Dance Dance
>Revolution 2"
>In the simplest version, you have four sensor pads on the floor
>frd> back> left> right> arrows
>You have a display in front of you which shows you which pad to hit
>: a continual stream of changing combinations of the four arrows
>You have upbeat music and you have to hit the pads on the beat
>to get the most points and to move to a higher level.
>Sounds simple
>sounds banal
>But you should see the kids breaking and hip-hopping on this machine.
>They spend hours there, watching, learning, practicing
>They don't even pay all the time.
>They use the demo mode to try out a new move.
>Like a headspin that starts with a drop to the floor, elbow reaching the
>knee to the rightpad,
>a quick spin on the head to get a foot down on the frdpad.
>Regaining balance just in time to hit the bckpad with the other foot...
>and when they can do it on the demo, they pay the machine to test out the
>new groove
>in the real game .....
>And there are versions with more pads,
>And versions for couples.....
>There always has to be a higher level ... .... ...... but grooviness and
>creative moves gain higher credits
>from the onlookers than moving higher in the game with simple steps.
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