Re: undemanding, unambitious, uninformed and uninspired

aj (
Thu, 2 Sep 1999 13:38:18 -0600

Mary -lou wrote:
>Yes I think this is true, but I also believe it is important for
>choreographers to have an idea about the possibilities technically,
>otherwise you aren't really collaborating in the true sense of the word.
>As a teacher, I don't have a technician... I work it out for myself. I
>had a photographer come in recently from the local paper, he thought I
>was a resident multimedia artist, and was quite surprised to find out I
>was the teacher. Obviously my work is not as "high-end" as many others
>on this list, and I would love to work with a technological artist of
>some kind... but I'm also proud to say I can work some of it out myself!

I am a student in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Interarts and
Technology department. I came to this program mainly as a dancer. Dance
has been a huge part of my life. I also had the opportunity as a 5th
grader to have my teacher as the computer wizard of my elementry school. I
got to learn how to program basic on an Apple II. With a computer at home
and all the fun technical stuff my parents had around I found myself
exploring and loving it. This program has allowed me to take both of my
loves and creat art. In this program at school we are incouraged to use
the equipment available to us. Sometime I have to figure out a lot of
stuff on my own and in the 1-1/2 years that I have been at Madison I am
starting to feel very comfortabe working things out for myself. I do have
the teaches to help me out as well as staff and students that know
different things than I do. This is one huge advantage to working in a
university setting.

I would have to agree with what Mary-lou worte about how choreographers
should have an idea of the technology possibilities. In my opinion I find
both areas so facintating, that is why I am excited when I see production
class required for dance majors to take before they graduate from the
undergrad degrees. I have seen this at The Ohio State University as well
as Madison. I hope that it is a trend everywhere.

Just my little blurb...