Re: undemanding, unambitious, uninformed and uninspired

mary-lou (
Thu, 02 Sep 1999 12:51:45 -1850

Andy Clarke wrote:
The other
> point that I have tried consistently to make is that treating digital
> artists as technicians prevents dancers and choreographers from having a
> meaningful collaboration with them as equals on work that truly interesting
> and innovative.
> Andy Clarke
Yes I think this is true, but I also believe it is important for
choreographers to have an idea about the possibilities technically,
otherwise you aren't really collaborating in the true sense of the word.
As a teacher, I don't have a technician... I work it out for myself. I
had a photographer come in recently from the local paper, he thought I
was a resident multimedia artist, and was quite surprised to find out I
was the teacher. Obviously my work is not as "high-end" as many others
on this list, and I would love to work with a technological artist of
some kind... but I'm also proud to say I can work some of it out myself!