Re: Figure skating

Sandi Kurtz (
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 08:05:00 -0700 (PDT)

I'm very interested in those practices, especially in their fluctuating
relationship to more traditional definitions of dance. Please let me know
where your discussion goes.

More concretely, I heard an interesting paper at the last SDHS conference
on figure skating by a young woman who seemed to really know her skating
history. It should be in the conference proceedings, which will be out
soon. If I can find my conference schedule I'll send you her contact

sandi kurtz

On Mon, 30 Aug 1999, Mardi Jennings wrote:

> Also anyone intersted in the choreography for figure skating / dance
> exercise / rhythmic gymnastics / synchronized swimming / gymnastics
> ...could we join efforts in research and development?
> Diane,
> My proposed Honors thesis at the University of Adelaide centers on the
> notion
> of how figure skating has evolved as an art form.
> As a skater/dancer, in 1995 I 'got together' an ensemble of dancers and
> skaters, we called ourselves Jete' Dance Company and were funded to
> perform at
> an arts festival in Adelaide, Australia. The event involved skaters and
> dancers
> on ice (some without skates), 'contemporary' choreography and original
> soundtrack. There is, to my knowledge, no one else working this way in
> Australia.
> There is very little/if any texts or resources in this area - Paul
> Schwartz of the New York Ice Theatre seems to think that there are very
> few studies/articles that have been written on the 'artistic' side of
> figure skating and its development in the US, Canada or Europe.
> I have been yet to find, other than articles by Denby, that look at the
> sport/art critically - any thoughts.
> As you can imagine here in Australia skating is such a minor sport that
> there seems to be few/if any articles/texts available here. Any
> thoughts? I'd be pleased to correspond on these issues.
> Mardi