Figure skating

Mardi Jennings (
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 09:25:06 +0930

Also anyone intersted in the choreography for figure skating / dance
exercise / rhythmic gymnastics / synchronized swimming / gymnastics
...could we join efforts in research and development?

My proposed Honors thesis at the University of Adelaide centers on the
of how figure skating has evolved as an art form.

As a skater/dancer, in 1995 I 'got together' an ensemble of dancers and

skaters, we called ourselves Jete' Dance Company and were funded to
perform at
an arts festival in Adelaide, Australia. The event involved skaters and
on ice (some without skates), 'contemporary' choreography and original
soundtrack. There is, to my knowledge, no one else working this way in

There is very little/if any texts or resources in this area - Paul
Schwartz of the New York Ice Theatre seems to think that there are very
few studies/articles that have been written on the 'artistic' side of
figure skating and its development in the US, Canada or Europe.

I have been yet to find, other than articles by Denby, that look at the
sport/art critically - any thoughts.

As you can imagine here in Australia skating is such a minor sport that
there seems to be few/if any articles/texts available here. Any
thoughts? I'd be pleased to correspond on these issues.