Re: recording device

Ivani Santana (
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 00:11:45 -0300

Mark Coniglio wrote:

> Currently, in our piece "Vera's Body" which we perform again this coming
> Saturday, we have a miniature video camera paired with one of their
> miniature transmitters to give the audience multiple perspectives of her
> body. The dancer holds the camera in her hand, pointing it both at her face
> and occaisionally at the other dancers as she performs. The result is
> projected behind her, so the audience sees both her performing and the view
> from the camera. It works beautifully. In addition, we place our video
> projector on the floor, so she sometimes is in front of the beam. Thus, a
> third representation of her body in the form of a shadow, appears.

Hi Mark,

I had made a peformance in 1997 that I used micro-camera in the same
way. I had my camera in my stomac and the other dance in her back. The
projections behind us give to audience possibility to see inside the
stage, litle parts of the body and the spectators themselves.
In 1998 I used micro camera but, in that time, the other dance and I was
inside of a big transparent ballon. The micro camera was in the interior
of the ballon, so when this sfera was moving the camera capture
different images. The audience could see us (the physical body) inside
the ballon, but the images without the skin of the ballon
was in the projections with another images, like lifeforms (where I made
the choreography) and the video clip that I made before performance in
the same place, but when it was building.
Well, I wish you can understand it was very nice.

Ivani Santana