Re: recording device

Ivani Santana (
Sun, 22 Aug 1999 23:56:12 -0300 wrote:
> hello list,
> my name is christian burns. i am a dance/video maker based in berkeley, ca. i
> was wondering if anybody on the list might be able to point me in any directions
> to find a small camera/recording device that might be attached to the body for
> a "birds eye view".....something small and light. are their any custom built or

Christian, and Regina too,

Ive been using a micro-camera since 1996, and try many kinds.
I found one (its for security). Its very small and easy to dance with
in the costume.
specifications:low lux pinhole lens mount
KPC-400 P1, P2;P3 , lens 3.7 mm 90o diagonal, it has audio too.

Regina if you need I give you more details where to buy in So Paulo.
Well, its difficult to Christian.

Ivani Santana
So Paulo, Brazil