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Sat, 14 Aug 1999 11:39:57 -0400

hello dance tech:
Chile August 1999-
a multimedia installation
The body on the mud-

Museum of Modern Art

creation Victoria Larrain
People gets trap in between metallic structures.
Someone falls freely
and a woman walks towards the mud.
to get into it,very deep inside.
yours Cultural Choreo Vivo Chile

At 08:55 p.m. 13/08/99 -0700, you wrote:
>A live performance piece without any technology (or maybe with just
>'traditional' technology)!
>Here is the Press Release.
>sophia lycouris
>The New York International Fringe Festival
>FringeNYC, A Production of the Present Company
>presents KUNSTWERK-BLEND interdisciplinary company
>a trio for movement, sound/text and light
>traces of everyday life stories emerge only to disappear in warm South
>European and Mediterranean atmospheres
>in this collaboration, dance artist Sophia Lycouris, musician Viv Dogan
>Corringham and filmmaker Michael Kosmides use sketches of movement,
>sound and light to reconstruct 'fleeting glimpses of reality' against
>shifting landscapes of open horizons, painted in marine colours and
>augmented by summer evening sound textures and oriental melodic
>a celebration of the live body in performance based on scripts of
>original everyday conversations and inspired by the gay poetry of Greek
>poet Konstantinos Cavafis
>STORIES IN D is the first stage of a larger project celebrating the body
>which also includes the performance/installation next2 and the
>internet-based piece trans/forms
>Performances on:
>8/18/99 (7:45pm), 8/20/99 (3:45pm), 8/21/99 (6pm), 8/22/99 (11pm),
>8/25/99 (7:45pm) , 8/28/99 (10:15pm), 8/29/99 (6pm)
>SOUNDANCE, 385 Broadway, 4rth Floor, New York, USA
>Supported by:
>FringeNYC, Mosaics'98, The Jerwood Space and The Nottingham Trent
>KUNSTWERK-BLEND is a project-based company committed to
>interdisciplinary, hybrid and collaborative work which is produced
>across a range of media and experiments with a mixture of practical and
>theoretical methodologies. Based in London(UK), KUNSTWERK-BLEND
>regularly performs in Britain and has been invited to present work in
>both Europe and the USA. Future work include the
>performance/installation NEXT2 in Digital Summer'99 (September 1999,
>Manchester, UK) and BORDERLANDER in EURODANS choreographic competition
>(October 1999, Romania)
>For further information please contact:
>Sophia Lycouris
>29 Powerscroft Road, London E5 0PU, United Kingdom
>tel +44-208-9866744, fax+44-208-9866745