press release for a piece without technology

Sophia Lycouris (
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 20:55:23 -0700

A live performance piece without any technology (or maybe with just
'traditional' technology)!
Here is the Press Release.

sophia lycouris

The New York International Fringe Festival
FringeNYC, A Production of the Present Company

presents KUNSTWERK-BLEND interdisciplinary company

a trio for movement, sound/text and light

traces of everyday life stories emerge only to disappear in warm South
European and Mediterranean atmospheres

in this collaboration, dance artist Sophia Lycouris, musician Viv Dogan
Corringham and filmmaker Michael Kosmides use sketches of movement,
sound and light to reconstruct 'fleeting glimpses of reality' against
shifting landscapes of open horizons, painted in marine colours and
augmented by summer evening sound textures and oriental melodic

a celebration of the live body in performance based on scripts of
original everyday conversations and inspired by the gay poetry of Greek
poet Konstantinos Cavafis

STORIES IN D is the first stage of a larger project celebrating the body
which also includes the performance/installation next2 and the
internet-based piece trans/forms

Performances on:

8/18/99 (7:45pm), 8/20/99 (3:45pm), 8/21/99 (6pm), 8/22/99 (11pm),
8/25/99 (7:45pm) , 8/28/99 (10:15pm), 8/29/99 (6pm)

SOUNDANCE, 385 Broadway, 4rth Floor, New York, USA

Supported by:
FringeNYC, Mosaics'98, The Jerwood Space and The Nottingham Trent


KUNSTWERK-BLEND is a project-based company committed to
interdisciplinary, hybrid and collaborative work which is produced
across a range of media and experiments with a mixture of practical and
theoretical methodologies. Based in London(UK), KUNSTWERK-BLEND
regularly performs in Britain and has been invited to present work in
both Europe and the USA. Future work include the
performance/installation NEXT2 in Digital Summer'99 (September 1999,
Manchester, UK) and BORDERLANDER in EURODANS choreographic competition
(October 1999, Romania)

For further information please contact:
Sophia Lycouris
29 Powerscroft Road, London E5 0PU, United Kingdom
tel +44-208-9866744, fax+44-208-9866745