Re: Re;Re: New web dance

Jeffrey Gray Miller (
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 13:19:39 -0500

>>A gameboy is not the same genre as my web dances. A gameboy is computer
>games and the hardware for using them, while my web dances are dances
>created for viewing and interacting with over the web.
>Could anybody explain why they are different sort of 'interaction'?
That's a verrry good question. It's a very hard concept to put into
words...but I guess part of it is self-sufficiency. Richard's work doesn't
exist for any reason other than itself, not to market a product (like a game
boy) or sell toys or even promote Richard himself (as far as I can tell;
his professional portfolio is somewhere else on the site). Gameboy products
have a lot of art going into them, in many senses of the word, but they are
there only to make money. If somebody hadn't said "if we build this, people
will buy it" none of those games would be there. Whereas if we'd told
Richard "if you build this, you'll make money" he probably would have

Actually, this brings up a point. Wired website has an "RGB Gallery" for
"artistic work on the web" most of which I'm pretty unimpressed with. Why
don't you show them your work, Richard, and see what the rest of the online
community thinks?