Re;Re: New web dance

Takashi Iwaoka (
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 20:33:48 BST

Dear the list

>A gameboy is not the same genre as my web dances. A gameboy is computer
games and the hardware for using them, while my web dances are dances
created for viewing and interacting with over the web.

Could anybody explain why they are different sort of 'interaction'?

Plus, this is very my idea, but the meaning of the word 'DANCE', probably,
differ from the one that the people believe in real(this word is also very
problematic) physical 3D movement, in the virtual space. (It's quite
interesting to hear people's opinions about what they think of dance,
however i'm a bit sick of the conversations that could seem like fighting
against the other)

Ta(ka)shi Iwaoka

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