Re: New web dance

Kya (
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 11:16:00 +0000

I enjoyed "Brownian Motion" a lot; simple (it might not have been simple and
probably time consuming to create, I mean it as a compliment) and funny. I
looked at it on an iMac and on Windows 98 and both worked fine.

My computer did crash on the new in-progress dance, but that might have been
for other reasons than the dance. Didn't try it again.

I am curious: did anyone see "Brownian Motion" and also "Mouse Dance",
which was announced on this list shortly after, and has any thoughts about
the two in comparison?

My first impression (I admit I did not look at "Mouse Dance" again for
second thoughts) was that it was a display of technical feats, rather than
an engaging piece of work.

I also just received my order of the William Forsythe CD. Beautifully
designed, informative, intuitive navigation, not given in to the temptation
to put too much information on the CD.


>From: Richard Lord <>
>To: "Dance-Tech Mailing List" <>
>Subject: Re: New web dance
>Date: Wed, Jun 23, 1999, 10:07 am

> Nick
> Thanks for taking a look.
>>> So you can see the new, improved
>>> "Brownian Motion" at
>>I had a look at that. First time it crashed my browser (and this being
>>Windows 98, that means it took the whole machine down). Got it running
>>after a reboot, but I couldn't drag any of the icons into the active
> That's curious. This is just shockwave, and works fine on my windows98
> box (IE4 & NN4.6). Shockwave problems are often memory problems
> (shockwave rarely gives out of memory errors - it either stops or
> crashes) - have you had problems running other shockwave pages?
>>> P.S. I'm also working on another web dance. Just trying some things out
>>> at the moment but if you want to see it check out
>>I got an "Access denied" JavaScript error from this one, after closing
>>some of the dancing windows.
> That would be because it's trying to tell the window what to do and the
> window isn't there anymore.
> Richard