Re: New web dance

Nick Rothwell (
23 Jun 1999 21:18:31 -0000

> Shockwave problems are often memory problems
> (shockwave rarely gives out of memory errors - it either stops or
> crashes) - have you had problems running other shockwave pages?

I don't know. I don't generally do any kind of multimedia and the
machine isn't mine, although I have induced browser-related crashes on
numerous occasions. I just put it down to general Microsoft crapness.

> >I got an "Access denied" JavaScript error from this one, after closing
> >some of the dancing windows.

> That would be because it's trying to tell the window what to do and the
> window isn't there anymore.

So it is a bug then? I had a feeling that closing the dancing windows
might cause problems, so it was the first thing I tried. It's just my
way of responding creatively to interactive art...


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