dance and vertical video

Bud Blumenthal (
Thu, 27 May 1999 23:53:28 +0100

About 6 months back in preparation for a project, I asked a couple
questions to the list concerning the projection of video onto the
dance floor. The responses were helpful and encouraging.

Now the performance is finished and has been premiered to general
enthusiasm within the dance scene in here Brussels.

The duet is called "Rivermen" and I've been graciously offered space
to store them on the net from Scott Sutherland for anyone interested
to have a look at them. Check out:


- When trying black dance floor the image showed up but it was weak
and greenish
- I used white floor for excellent reflection.
- Good view when audience seating rises well up rather than staying low.
- Hung a mirror at 45 onto which the projector focused so as to
redirect image downward. Mirror was very big as only had 4m60cm of
height at grid. In order to save weight I fabricated a mirror using
mirror film. Some light passes through it and is not reflected. Very
delicate material!
- A little sony lcd projector- but very powerful. Had access to a
wide angle fixed lens, 20 (widest made) in order to achieve about 6m
wide image on floor. Obviously more height, more size.
- Made choreography first, music second. Performed piece once before
making video. Choreography stood on its own. Very important I think,
considering the pitfalls associated with tech toys. In fact I was
ready to perform the work without the video had I felt that the
images diluted the piece's strength. As it was the video was in tune
and took the work up to another level.
- Images for the most part abstract not restating the choreography's
message, but not merely aesthetic either. They carry complimentary
information as well as form a sort of scenic substance. A scenery
made of light which moves and has content. It adds depth to the
scenic space.
- Sound track on hi8 video cassette with the image. Music, dance and
video in synch.

Anyone interested in seeing it can come to Brussels in October of
this year. Rivermen is to be programmed in the beginning of the
international dance festival at the "Botanique" which takes place
between the 5 and 16th.


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