advice on sensors wanted

Andy Clarke (
Fri, 28 May 1999 17:52:25 +0100

Some time ago, I produced a CDROM based interactive dance piece called "The
Dance Project". This was invited to the Milia 98 as part of their New
Talent Pavilion.

I am now looking to work on another interactive dance piece and am writing
to ask whether there is anyone on the list who can give me some advice on
using sensors in a dance performance.

I am thoroughly familiar with Macromedia Director and with programming in
Lingo - I just need advice on the hardware issues (I would prefer to use a
Mac for this project, though this is not essential).

For this piece, I am would like to do something that can be performed live.
As a result, I am looking for something that can give me the dancer (or
dancers) position on the stage. Ideally, it would also position of limbs
etc. (though this is not essential, if it works out too expensive).

Any information, suggestions for people to contact, URLs would be appreciated.


Andy Clarke

Andy Clarke
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Freelance Lingo Programmer
Programmer of "Soma" and "The Dance Project"
Both at The New Talent Pavilion, Milia '98