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>International Videodance Festival
>The 9th edition of the international videodance festival "Il Coreografo
>Elettronico" - directed by Marilena Riccio in collaboration with Elisa
>Vaccarino - is announced by Napolidanza and will be held in Naples
>(Italy) from 18 to 20 June at the Institut Franšais de Naples
>As in the previous editions, the Festival will be divided in several
>sections. The main part of the scheduled activities will be constituted
>by the competition of videos selected in different categories: recording
>of shows or studio processing of shows, video creations, films of or
>about dance, works including dance and movement in any form, television
>documentaries, computer-aided works. The competition can be entered
>following the instructions contained in the call for entries diffused
>all over the world trough the specialized press and trough the normal
>and electronic mail.
>The participation of videos coming from recognised cultural institutions
>and production companies - such as the BBC, ArtÚ, Canal Plus, the Banff
>Center for the Arts of Canada, the Cunningam Dance Foundation, the
>Canadian Television - is expected.
>An international jury will examine all the works admitted in competition
>and distributed in the different sections.This year's jury will be
>composed by: Bob Lockyer (executive producer of BBC), Monika Gelbmann
>(editor in the IMZ media bulletin), Nicole and Norbert Corsino
>(coreographers and videomakers), Eugenia Casini Ropa (teacher of History
>of dance at DAMS), Francesco Urbano (journalist).
>The works judged the most interesting will be awarded with scholarships,
>study trips, or working contacts, while special mentions will be given
>for the best choreography, script and postproduction. In particular the
>following prizes will be awarded:
>First Prize "Napolidanza" - to the best video in competition
>Second Prize "Young Authors" - to the best indipendent production
>A catalogue containing detailed information about the videos in
>competition will be edited as usual.
>The jury's task will be paralleled by several initiatives opened to the
>public. The videos in competition and the best videos participating
>during the previous editions will be screened following a program that
>will be announced as soon as possible through the normal promotion
>channels of the festival.
>Moreover, during the 1999 edition other activities - such as live
>performances, discussions and round tables about the new frontiers of
>videodance, presentation of choreographic works, expositions and
>interactive performances - will be scheduled. These initiatives will be
>conceived to the end of promoting the language of videodance and to
>create around this new art a group of observers among the people
>involved not only in videodance but also in dance for the television,
>dancetheater and videoart.
>Contacts: Il Coreografo Elettronico
>c/o Marilena Riccio - Viale Nicola Fornelli 8 - 80132 Napoli.
>ph: (39) 81 422118 - fax: (39) 81-404722 - e-mail :
>web page:
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