The Virtual Dance Festival

steven malkus (
Sat, 8 May 1999 13:18:04 -0400

Friends of The Virtual Dance Festival,

New pages have been added to The Virtual Dance Festival Website for fun and
collaborations, information and obscuration. Please feel free to submit any
type of materials for posting on the interactive pages if you believe it
relates in a mind- or spirit-altering way to the so-far said themes and
objectives of the project(see text
pages at website).
Interactive pages start at

People keep asking and I keep telling---Yes, we are going to do some "real"
events with real dancers and other artists in actual locations with gravity
and other such considerations next Spring. Right now we are throwing the
door wide open using the website as a forum for ideas and

There is money. There is a core group. Venues and locations are being
scouted out. Now is the time to get your two cents in!

Send all submissions and questions to:

Thanks and hope to hear from you,
Steven Malkus