Re: observations 2.2

Nick Rothwell (
7 Apr 1999 12:35:35 -0000

> in particular this
> has to do with the assumptions about movement/ space and time which are the
> forces behind the drive towards absolute photo-realism in the massive
> animation programs being developed for and used by Hollywood. It is in
> these digital spaces that received notions of what is 'real' and unreal are
> being spun into a web of anti-abstraction which is ultimately damaging to
> the artistic/ reflective enterprise in my opinion.

Absolutely. I wrote an editorial article on this topic some years ago
for Sound On Sound magazine: it's reproduced at

Micro-synopsis: digital technology is heavily biased towards visuals,
and accurate, literal visuals at that. This emphasis on visualation
and literalism comes at a cost to imagination and mental imagery.


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